Problems with student parking

Have you ever written the parking problems on college campuses essay? Parking has always been a struggle for students, and many of them think that they are not provided with enough space for cars and motorbikes. If you are an international student who is living in the hostel, then you may have no problem with parking your vehicle. However, if you are a local student who has to come to the college or university on personal transport, then you may have to face plenty of problems.


There are many parking problems on college campuses, and parking problems at universities; the best and most prominent problem is high costs. It is a common observation that students are asked to pay a lot of fee for parking a single vehicle. Those who are new to the college may have to pay a lot more fee per vehicle for every single day or month. It is indeed a big financial burden on students.

Limited area

Another major problem is that students are provided with a limited area for parking their vehicles. Most of the colleges and universities do not pay any attention to expanding the parking areas, which is why some students are forced to park their vehicles outside the main campus.

Additional restrictions

When you write essay on parking, you should also talk about this significant problem on campus. Some of the additional restrictions are limited time given to students to park their cars or motorbikes and the rude behavior of security guards, along with restrictions of pay taxes besides the regular daily or monthly fees. There is a strong need to address this issue so that students can live and study in a peaceful and friendly environment.