ESL Activities to Excite Yourself about Writing Practice


What are the best projects for ESL students? Writing may seem to be a daunting activity for ESL students, but certain activities can excite them a lot and can keep their attention and interest maintained. We present a list of writing projects for high school and some activities that will excite you a lot and will make you happy while you are writing something.

Begin with small tweets

When it comes to writing projects for students, you should start with tiny tweets and write to the point. For instance, the number of characters in your tweet should not be more than 100, and you should try to mention only what is related to the actual topic and is up to the mark. There is no need to copy ideas of tweets of others as this can lead you to face serious problems.

Write useful and engaging emails

Another idea is to write engaging, useful and quality email texts. Some writers think that it is not important to pay attention to the uniqueness of the email text, but there is nothing like this. It is indeed one of the best and outstanding creative project ideas for high school students. You cannot engage your customers and cannot generate revenues if the emails are not written proficiently and uniquely.

Try to create creative and meaningful advertisements

Last but not least, you should create meaningful and creative advertisements and insert glittering colors and designs in the advertisements so that the customer places an order instantly. This will boost the performance of your writing business, and you will get reputation the world over, working as a freelance writer or the editor who is heading a team of writers.