About parking at different Universities

Universities often have their respective parkings to accommodate the students, faculty and other support staff who come and go during academic and working hours. Unfortunately, with the amount of staff, especially students increasing with the financial capability to purchase their own cars, parking spaces have become a grievance for all.

To resolve the situation with the limited parking found in universities, they had made a system to accommodate each individual fairly. One of the solution was to encourage to commute or use public transport instead of using cars, others even encourage to walk or use bicycles to help keep a healthy lifestyle.

Other universities on the other hand, have attacked this problem by providing a pay parking. Some universities like those found in the UK have different rates for different hours if a person wants to avail a parking space. Some universities had divided this system into the following:

  • Daytime casual parking rates
  • Weekend casual parking rates
  • Evening casual parking rates
  • Holiday parking rates

Now how are the rates divided and why should it be implemented? Well, according to ValueIndividualParking.co.uk, they noticed that parking spaces tend to be more expensive when there are more people in comparison with non-busy days such as holiday parking rates but that can also differ depending on a university’s perspective.


Say for example, some universities would charge $4 an hour on weekdays (daytime casual parking rates) but may charge $2 on weekends (weekend casual parking rates). Why is this so? Some universities believe that since weekdays are the busiest when most people would come to the university to either study or work, then the corresponding charges should be to accomodate those who would need the space more (and the financial capability to do so) than those who have the option to easily commute to and from their homes.

Other universities on the other hand would charge more for weekends, evenings and even holiday parking rates with the opposite belief that staff and other support staff would cater a student’s or client’s needs on a weekend wherein they should be resting and spending time with their families. It’s more like a form of compensation and for working after the wee hours of what a person should be in.

But alas, the general point is that all universities should provide all staff and students a place to park with consideration to working, studying and where they live and this problem persists until today since urban transportation planning and management of traffic calls for resolution.

About problems at parking at university

You may ask yourself, why is there a problem anyway? As I said earlier, one of the problems are due to individuals having more and more financial capability to purchase their own respective mode of transportations, preferably a car and this leads to problems that even though a student can easily arrive via commute or even through cycling or walking, they would rather opt to hop in their car and drive due to it being more of a “convenience” for them.

That is why, these days, parking grievances have become more and more problematic so implementing a parking and transportation plan that would suit to decongest cars in universities as well as prevent car overflow outside its vicinities is the best option universities have in regulating grievances for their parking.